Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bats, Vampires and Cobwebs! {Halloween Decor}

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

I can't believe November is here!  I can almost smell the turkey and Thanksgiving meals that will be making its way to many people's tables in just a few weeks.  I was not able to post our Halloween experience last week and some of the Halloween and Fall decor for our house so here it is.  Since having kids, I enjoy decorating for Halloween to make it more fun and spooky for them.  Here are some of the ways we decorated this year...

Party Ideas, Fall, Halloween

Dollar Tree, Home Decor, Fall
"Knock, knock...if you dare..."
Fall, Home Decor, Crafts
Pinecones Brody and I collected outside.  We threw on some glitter to give them that little sparkle.
Fall, Home Decor

Fall, Home Decor, Table Decor
I picked up these flowers from Target the day before Halloween.  I love the beautiful orange and yellow colors!
Fall Flowers, Home Decor, Table Decor

table Decor, Home Decor, Fall

Table Decor, Pumpkins, Autumn
These are the little pumpkins we brought home from the pumpkin patch and decorated.

Fall,Crafts, Pumpkins
Vampire pumpkin

Glitter pumpkin with cheesy smile.

Girly-pirate pumpkin?

Fall, Pumpkins, Autumn
Brody's large pumpkin he picked out.  He wouldn't let us carve it.

I found these vampire picture frame crafts to transform your family photos to fit in with the Halloween theme.  They were at Joann's by Martha Stewart.

Crafts, Autumn, DIY
A Fall wreath we made using real and fake leaves along with some more sparkly pumpkins.

I love these owl silhouettes.  They came in a pack of 15 for $1 at the Dollar Tree.

What's Halloween without some spider webs wrapped around everything?
Again, we bought a bag at the dollar store and it was able to cover this hutch , our entertainment hutch and some pictures and backs of chairs.

Mummy, Home Decor, Dollar Tree
Mummy also from dollar store.  Brody is the one who posed him.
Skeleton, Home Decor, Dollar Tree
Our bathroom had some Halloween decor, too.  This guy is just hanging out on the shower rod.

Home Decor, Autumn, Fall

Crafts, Home Decor, Autumn
We have beer bottles and wine bottles we recycle so I'm always trying to find creative ways to use them.
I covered the bottles with Autumn-themed scrapbook paper.

Cobwebs, Halloween Photos, Fall
More cobwebs...

Home Decor, Cobwebs, Fall
and more...

Spider, Spider Web, Home Decor
Halloween Pictures, Home Decor
More vampires...

Vampire, Fall, Home Decor
...and more!

Family, Home Decor, Vampire
Cute vamp baby 

Home Decor, Fall

Halloween Food, Fall, Party

We had our own little mini Halloween party with kids after they came back from a church Halloween event.  We ate a little more, mostly snacks and junk food while we watched "Nightmare Before Christmas."

Table Decor, Party, Fall

Fall, Halloween Food, Party

We gave the kids a bag of goodies every year with random treats. 

This is some of the stuff Lyla Brielle had in her bag.  She loves coloring and painting.

This is just the candy Brody got from us.  They got a bunch from the Halloween party we went to and he got a bag from school.  Sugar overload for sure!

Halloween Food, Bats, Candy
Orange chocolate BATS!  I bought a candy mold and used Wilton chocolate melts to make these.  They're pretty cool since you can put both halves together to make it 3D.  They're able to stand on their own as long as nothing breaks off like the one in the back.  You can put them on top of cakes and cupcakes, too.  Great party idea!
Fall, Crafts, Paper Crafts
Pic 2 and 3: We decorated the inside of this storage closet for the kids.  They use this space to draw and paint on the walls that we have been covering with paper and poster board.  The first pic is more Halloween art we displayed on the fridge.

I'm sugared out from joining in on the candy-munching, too!  Now onto November happenings...lots of exciting things going on over here in my household. 

Hope you had a fun Halloween

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