Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bring on Some Camera Fun

Wednesday is here and hubby took off work today to celebrate my birthday early since he couldn't get it off tomorrow.  I'm excited for whatever plans he has in store for us today!  Every day truly is a gift and as I grow older and appreciate the value of life, I can't wait to open it! 

Even if not everyday brings us something extraordinary or exciting, I'm learning that just being with the ones you love and care about is plenty.  I love capturing even the tiniest, goofiest moments with my loved ones, especially my kids and hubby.

Here are more fun pics we took last week while we were out of town just relaxing in our hotel room and having fun with the camera:


I'm off to enjoy my pre-birthday celebration today so I wish everyone a happy hump day!

Take care!


What are some tiny moments you appreciate in life?