Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bring on the Pumpkins

A cute little pumpkin all glammed up with glitter
that my lil pumpkin, Brody, decorated in class last year.

Happy Hump Day!  My favorite month of the year - October - (my birthday month), is well under way!  I love all the events and activities that abound during this month including Halloween, my favorite holiday to celebrate.  

I also love the fact that pumpkins are popular this month, turning up practically everywhere you look: in stores, in people's yards, in houses, in food, on people's face and even on little dog's bodies!  They are great for kid activities, decorating, using it as decor around the house and for parties and they are just fun in general, not to mention all the delicious treats that can be made using pumpkins.  

Pumpkin lollipop
We haven't visited a pumpkin patch yet this year but I look forward to taking the kids.  These pictures are from Brody's field trip last year with his class to a pumpkin patch.  I was assigned with bringing the treats.  I made some pumpkin cookies with cream cheese, of course...  Like I said, pumpkins all around!  

Tiny pumpkins

These pumpkins were pretty heavy but I love their bright orange color.

The pirate pumpkin Brody decorated

Picking the perfect pumpkin

Mommy and her lil pumpkin

Photos from our hay ride there

That smile says it all.

Pirate Ship

Little sister joined us later with Daddy .


Story time 

It was a fun experience and we all enjoyed it.  Visiting a pumpkin patch has become a favorite activity for us to look forward to during the Fall season.

There are plenty of pumpkin patches in and near the Jacksonville area: Check out this site that has details on where you can find pumpkin patches in Northeast FL.

Have you visited a pumpkin patch this year?  What are some activities or places you enjoy during October?

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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