Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Baby Boy Diaper Cake

Tuesday is here!  The week is rolling right along.  We have lots of Fall and Halloween activities going on with our family and with my son's school this week which is only making this month spiral along faster than I wanted. 

As always, this past weekend was a busy one for us.  It was a fun one, however, especially since we were able to celebrate with some friends at a baby shower.  I love giving diaper cakes now to friends who are expecting. 

I wanted to share with you how to make a simple one.  They are fun to make and you can make it as creative or unique as you want or keep it simple.  Either way, the expecting parents can definitely use it for baby since all babies wear diapers.  Unless of course, they want to use cloth diapers on their little ones, but hey, you can probably make a diaper cake out of those, too!

This one was for a baby boy ...
I had a friend last year show me how she makes diaper cakes and she advised me to start with a sturdy base for the cake like a plastic plate or platter.  This one I believe is 14".
I began with placing two packs of baby wipes in the center of the plate to fill it.  I kept the diapers unrolled for this diaper cake.   You can roll all the diapers but it does take up a little more time.   It just depends on your preference and what type of appearance you want the cake to have. 
After I placed the diapers around the wipes, I placed one diaper inside each corner to fill it out more and give it a more circular look.  Tie twine, ribbon or rubberband around all the diapers to keep them tight and secure.
For the second tier, I placed another pack of baby wipes as the filling and also a few rolled diapers.
Secure it again with twine, ribbon or a large rubberband.
For the last tier, the top, I did not need to put anything in the center to fill it.  I did place some wooden dowels, in this case, wooden chopsticks, in between the two top tiers to keep it together.  I then wrapped each tier with large ribbon. 
Two of the tiers have black and white colored ribbon while the other two, which is hard to see, has white and a light blue ribbon. 
The great thing about making these is you can decorate it however you want and place other items around the cake.  I also wanted to personalize the cake, so I added a shirt with the baby's middle name using iron-on letters.

I place the big bow at the bottom instead of the top because I wanted to cover up some tape that held the ribbon together.  The shirt also helped to cover up some tape that was noticeable.  It would probably be a good idea to use hot glue gun instead of tape to secure the ribbons.

I have enjoyed making diaper cakes to give as gifts and maybe this post will inspire you to make your own, too! 

Check out my other article on making diaper cakes here for more detailed steps and to see other cakes

Maybe one day I'll try to make a cloth diaper cake...

Enjoy the rest of your week and I plan on posting tomorrow and hopefully Thursday, depending on my schedule.  Until next time, take care and Happy Tuesday!