Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bumping into My Hubby- An Important Bump in My Road of Life

Thursday is here and as promised, this post is dedicated to my hubby, Ryan.  It was tough to start off since I didn't know what to write, which rarely happens but I'm always up for a challenge and overcoming them with grace.  I write about my kids all the time, it comes so easy to me. My hubby, though, well I suppose that's another animal, haha.  

I gave him my word and I know I scared him out of his wits when I announced I would write about him today.  Be careful what you wish for, Ryan! 

Bum, bum, bummmmm!!!

I guess I'll start at the beginning...

I met Ryan one day when I wasn't expecting to meet anybody, at least, not anybody significant.  I was in my second year of college so  I was not in a place where I had room for a serious relationship.  My plan wasn't even to stay in this city for long; after my second year of college, I planned to transfer to UCF.  I was actually accepted into that school before I ever even applied to UNF.  It was my parents who advised me to wait until after my Associate's degree to transfer.  I'm sure they were not ready for me to move away from them so I stayed and looked forward to my junior year in Orlando.

But then life hit me, rerouted me on a different road when I bumped into Ryan.  I still don't know if it was the best decision; I mean, I believe that if something is meant to be, it will come back to you so I want to believe that I could have still met Ryan later on in life and finished school at the college I first picked.  It wasn't the worse decision, either.  I did fall in love with UNF, along with Ryan!
This was taken at a Christmas party for his work one year
It was a fun night so I'm glad we were together to share this moment-
it is one of my fave pics of us.
Although I was not searching for a budding romantic relationship, I enjoyed meeting new people so when I saw Ryan that day, I thought it would be nice to make a new friend.  He seemed shy and acted like he was focused on his work.  He jokingly accused me of calling him "fat" which I did NOT!  I think he was just self-conscious about himself and was intimidated by me.  ;)

We parted ways, never to see each other again ...until about two weeks later.  To be honest, however, I really didn't think I'd see him after that first day.

He ended up visiting me at the studio where I worked and would not leave me alone after he found me.
He became my stalker but it was okay, I enjoyed having him around.

Today, nearly a decade later, he still pops up in my life every now and then!
But e
nough about me, this is about Ryan!

Who is Ryan? 

Ryan is a man who represents what every man should be: kind, loving, hard-working, charming, funny, patient, faithful and loyal.  


He knows the number one rule in a marriage and abides by it: "Happy wife, happy life!"  He can get under my skin but he makes loads of effort to be the best husband.  

Photo Credit: Scripts of Life Photography
He appreciates a feisty woman to keep him on his toes.
He is a man who knows what or who he wants...
I kept trying to run away so he put a ring on it.

He has grown into a wonderful father; I say grown because we all have to grow right along with the kids when raising them.  It's all about trial and error and we sometimes clash on our ideas of how to discipline and raise them.  No worries, Ryan, I'm sure we'll get it right one day.  Hopefully before our kids turn out too damaged!

I think they're doing fine for now so good job!

"Just don't drop me again, Daddy!"

A pic of Ryan on our honeymoon when he was still not at his target weight.
He has lost pounds of weight since that first day we met when he accused me of saying the "F" word.
I repeat, I did NOT!  

I am proud of him, though, for losing weight and being healthier.
He enjoys many hobbies like eating (usually healthy food!), working out, vaping and taking a stroll in the park.
Since that first day when he pretended to be shy or scared of me, he has become more open-minded
and adventurous, which in my book, is an amazing trait on a man!  (I think he may still be scared of me, though).
Now, he likes trying new things and stepping out of his comfort zone.
Like experiencing the Wild West together.
Isn't that every couple's dream?
Our adventure with some super heroes.
Our most challenging adventure yet: raising our kids!
He is okay most days with these two munchkins.

He is a man who has adjusted to putting up with tantrums...
...and diva moments
But he enjoys the thrill of life and literally jumps out of the picture when he is happy.
As a dad, he tries hard to make his children happy and comfortable...
even if it means dunking them on a hot day in the zoo's fountain.
He is a man who isn't afraid to wear make up... 
...and he is comfortable enough with himself to dress up like other men.
(Ryan is dressed like Peter Griffin on the left).

He can be thoughtful and romantic, too, which deserves kisses...
Blowing kisses to you, Ryan!

Now you have three of us to smother you with kisses and love.
Last year on Father's Day 2012
I'm sure he's thinking, "I'm glad that girl didn't give up on finding me!"
There are many bumps in the road of life but sometimes, one bump can change your course.  That bump reminded me of what my friend, Forrest Gump, said:
"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get."
How true that is!  I didn't know what kind of chocolate was in the box that day when I walked into Ryan's life.  Luckily, I picked the sweetest one and he convinced me that I couldn't escape.  

Now, here he is in my life...

Christmas 2012
My handsome gentleman of a husband!
I love you, DH...with a Heart and an Iron Man!!! 
(From our son, Brody; his famous words).

Your Wife, 


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