Thursday, September 12, 2013

Beware of Bullies

Thursday is here, another week is wrapping up to an end.  How quickly time flies when you're busy not sleeping!  Today, I choose to talk about bullies and bullying. I'm sure everyone knows a bully.  

Bullies have been around since the dawn of time and I expect they will be around until the end of time.

What I did not expect is a bully to be living under my own roof, to have one of my own children be a bully.  It is not Brody, my son, but my soon-to-be two-year-old, Lyla Brielle.  Every time she sees another child she already decides if she is going to be nice or mean.  Isn't that how it is for all bullies? It's usually a fifty-fifty chance for her.  When she does decide to be a bully, she instantly goes into attack mode with no warning to the other child.  She gives them the death stare, pushing her hands out toward them to tell them to back off and verbally warning them with a firm, "No" or high-pitched screech.

The other child doesn't even have to be doing anything aggressive but she will make sure to keep them from trying.

I was told this summer at the gym's child care that she kept trying to pick a fight with a boy.  I've had to stop her numerous times from trying to push other children and she tries to kick them, too, for no reason!  It does not matter if they are smaller or bigger than her, I've seen her bully both!  I feel especially bad when the kids are trying to be sweet even after she threatens them.

Why does she feel like she has to be a bully?

The answer always lies in experience.  She has an older brother and older cousin she has to defend herself from regularly and her toys to protect.  To kids, their toys are their prized possessions because it's one of the only things they can call their own.  She is possessive about her parents, too.  She does not like when her brother holds onto me or her daddy.  She also gets upset when Daddy or Mommy hug each other which is a normal reaction for kids her age.

Her little bullying behavior will not be tolerated when she is older so beware, little girl!  Bullying for anyone, isn't cute as you grow up!  I'm sure she will learn that fast when she starts school but sometimes, kids never learn.  We'll have to teach her the best we can at home by bullying the bully attitude right out of her...haha, just kidding ;)

This week has been a bully to me with the hectic schedule we have had!  Any bullies in your life? How do you teach your kids to deal with bullies or how do you teach your kid to NOT be the bully?

Some interesting things to check out this weekend in Jacksonville:

  • September 13th: The Great Outdoors Event at Prime Osborn Convention Center.  Go here for more info.
  • September 14th: A new exhibit at MOSH - Great Balls of Fire: Comets, Asteroids & Meteors will be unveiled with special hands-on activities from 10-4 p.m.  Go here for more info.
  • September 15th: Williams-Sonoma is offering a complimentary cooking technique class at 11 a.m.  Go here for more info.

Take care and have a relaxing weekend, I know I need one!


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