Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Beach Days 2012

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Happy Hump day again!  Today, I wanted to share some photos we took last year at the beach. Since September has rolled in, that indicates the coming end of summer.  I live in Florida, however, so beach days are still possible.  It stays warm here well into fall and sometimes into the winter months! The beach is always a favorite place to be for me and the scene usually offers a beautiful place to snap some shots...

Jacksonville Beach, Florida Beach, Family photos

Jacksonville Beach

These pictures were taken in March 2012

Lyla Brielle can't seem to keep her tongue in her mouth!
She has several pics since birth with her tongue sticking out.

I love this cute face of hers!
One of her nicknames I call her: "Little face"

Sunglasses reflection:  Mommy will always keep an eye on you!

Brody loves running on the soft sand.

Lyla B took this picture for us.
Okay, not really, she was probably too busy people-watching.

I miss her being this little.

Daddy's little girl

I'm off to work on some other projects and to stay cool.  Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!


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