Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Battle with Time: Brielle's Countdown to Two

Time stole my baby from me and now she is Little Miss Independent Diva!

Her 1st birthday
 "I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!" -The White Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland

Time stands still for no one, not even for talking soft bunnies.  We are all chasing time, running to get somewhere just like the White Rabbit who endlessly looks at his pocket watch to check the unforgivable, merciless time that he can not stop from ticking.  He is so caught up with his own tardiness and desperate attempt to beat the clock that he does not realize poor Alice throughout the story who is persistent to catch up with him.  She ends up chasing him wherever he may go while overcoming obstacles to reach him.  She is that determined to satisfy her curiosity of what event this rabbit could possibly be late for.

Her Alice necklace...she reminds me of Alice's character: curious and adventurous

In a sense, we all have our own white rabbit we are chasing, endlessly trying to catch up with, wondering where it will lead us and influencing us on the path we need to follow, just like Jack in Lost who follows his "White Rabbit" around the island - his father.  (I loved that show and its Wonderland and Narnia references).

Time is something we can not stop from slowing down, no matter how much we stare at our clock and will it to pause.

Many times, it appears to only be speeding up.

That is how I have been feeling lately as I count down my daughter, Lyla Brielle's second birthday.  One week from today, she will turn two.  The days are rolling right along and I feel the pain of that poor White Rabbit as he forces himself to beat the time.  I yearn to stop time, too, or at least slow it down so that I can prolong my little girl's childhood.  Turning two does not mean she is saying good-bye to her childhood but she is getting closer to reaching many milestones that will lead her on the path to eventually gaining more knowledge.  It is the inevitable path that will lead her to the road where her childhood will be left behind.

What's going on in Lyla's life right now:
  • Potty-training
  • Expanding her vocabulary and articulating her sounds much more
  • She has taken a big interest in painting, writing, drawing 
  • Interested in cosmetics, nail polish and hair products
  • Picks out her own clothes
  • Insists on brushing her own teeth but we won't let her so she goes Diva on us
  • Interested in dinosaurs (influenced by her brother, Brody and cousin, Edison)
  • Obsessed with Elmo
  • Trying to swim on her own without us holding her or without the assistance of floats
  • Obsessed with locks and latches and is now an expert on unlocking them
As next Tuesday barrels into my life, I feel like Lyla's childhood will only spiral along that much faster because she is a curious, adventurous girl who is ready to chase after her own journey.  She is my last child, my last baby, so it is that much harder for me to let go.  She sometimes pulls my hand away to run in the other direction, maybe in the direction of a White Rabbit I can not see! Just yesterday, she opened the front door and tried to walk out on her own.

This pic was actually taken in 2011 so disregard that little mistake ;)

She is growing braver and more confident every day.  One day, she will unlock the door no matter how many locks and latches I place and she will declare herself a big girl.  I know I will have to let her go so that she can quench her thirst for more knowledge as she follows her "White Rabbit" down the rabbit hole!

Are you still chasing your White Rabbit?  What moments in time do you wish you could re-live or make stand still?

I need to spend more time with my growing girl now so stop by again tomorrow when I post more pics on my Photography section...take care and make the most of today!


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