Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Baby Girl is Two!

Yesterday was my daughter, Lyla's second birthday.  We've been down in south Florida for my hubby's school/business training since Monday and I couldn't get my internet connection to work in my hotel room so I didn't get to post.  It's working now and so I have lots of catching up to do!  Here is the post meant for Tuesday, a letter to my precious angel on her birthday:

                                                                                                      September 24, 2013
Dearest Daughter,                                                                                          

Happy birthday!  Your special day is here and it will always be special to us, too, your parents.  It is the day you arrived in our lives to change it forever.  It has been a spectacular adventure so far and we look forward to so much more surpises, memories and excitement with you as we follow you on your journey.

Birthday princess

I want you to know that in life, you can't control everything, no matter how much you plan.  You can only react to what cards you are given in your deck.  Sometimes you are given a good hand but not always.  Sometimes the glass seems half empty but try to look at it as half full; remain positive and you can overcome anything.

There will be rough times that you will encounter and giving up may seem like the best thing to do and usually, it is the easiest thing to do.  That is when you have to push back harder, take the horse by the reins and regain control.  Life can feel like an untamed, intimidating beast when you are down and feel like you are at your low point.  Take the challenge, face it head on and roar back. 

My fierce tiger.
 I know it's in you because that's the determined attitude you have shown since you were a seed in my womb.  The day you arrived you already showed us that you are a leader, you took matters in your own hands, declaring, "Hello, world, here I am!"

You are a feisty one, a fierce powerhouse, a girl on fire!  Keep up that attitude and you can make all your dreams come true while leaving a trail of hot flames.  I remember praying so hard for a litttle girl, a daughter to raise and cherish.  You gave me a tough pregnancy but I'm thankful you came out healthy.  You have been such a sweet blessing in our lives.  I wish only the best for you and that you will always be the strong persistent girl we have come to know. 

If you ever feel lost and need some guidance, I will be there to take your hands into mine and we can take it one step at a time just like the first time you learned to walk.  It didn't take long before you soon let go and ran.  Now it is Mommy who has to keep up and that's okay with me because I know you are meant for great things. 

You are our little super girl.  You are meant to fly.


forever & always,


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