Thursday, August 8, 2013

Butchering Names - Brondy, Bra-dee, Brady, Brownie

Question: "What's in a name?"  

Answer: So much more than what Juliet was implying in Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet."

Your name is how people identify you, it's YOU.  That's what makes choosing a name for your child so difficult.  I know for us personally, it wasn't an easy task to choose a name for either of our kids.  In the end, I let my hubby choose our first-born's name and I chose the second child's name.

Baby naming is a serious matter although some parents don't think so.  Sure, you can have fun with it and it's ultimately the parent's choice what to name the baby.  It's ultimately the kid who has to live with that name, however, and the world has the choice whether to tease him/her for said name.  I just finished reading a blog post stating some things not to do when naming your kid.  It's pretty funny and you can check it out below.

One of the things it mentioned was to not change the spelling of a name to be unconventional like my name, for example: Bernadyn.  Yes, it's pronounced Bernadine or Bernadean (Burn-a-deen) but my mom thought it would be nice to place that "Y" in there.  All it did for me was have me constantly correcting people on the proper way to pronounce it.  Very annoying and not fun. One of the only teachers who got it right was my French teacher because it's a French name. Yay!  The other thousand times it's been butchered to pieces.  (One of my math teachers called me Berlin all year).  Sometimes, it's mistaken to be pronounced like a boy's name.

So, I've altered my own name to fit me better especially for my writing pen name and on-line presence.  It's "B" or "BNadyn"  I kept the "Y" since it's become our family thing to have a "Y" in each of our names and I've come to own it now.  (My hubby's name is Ryan, my son's is Brody and my daughter's is Lyla)

My son's name is Brody, pronounced Bro-dee.  I thought it would be a breeze to spell and pronounce but apparently not.  It was marked as one of the most popular names when our son was born and we've met several other boys with his name through the years but we still get people who haven't heard of it.  This week, for instance, his name has already been butchered twice.  Not a good sign since he will be starting kindergarten soon.  One of those times was by someone from the new school he will be attending.  Uh-oh, red flag!!!  

Uh-oh, this is the look Brody will give you if you mispronounce his name.
We thought we did right by him when we named him a simple name but I guess there's always room for error!  Keep that in mind when you're thinking about naming your kid a unique name or a name spelled a different way.  Also, remember that names that are a mile long, have apostrophes, dashes or numbers in between letters may not be fun for your five-year-old to spell ten times a day.  

"Sa5m with the 5 silent" is pretty frustrating to have to correct people repeatedly as the movie, Bandslam, proved.  (Yes, I admit, I watched that movie).

Do you like your name or did you have to alter it?  What's the most bizarre name you have come across?  

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We're counting down to school here so I have lots to do and more projects to finish!  Thanks for visiting and until next time, take care!