Thursday, August 22, 2013

Building Memories While Visiting St. Augustine

Thursday is here and I still can't believe summer break is over for us.  It sure did speed right by this year and I miss it!  I've been looking through my camera at all the photos I took this summer and have been thinking about all the memories I have with my kids.  Many of them happen during the summer when I can enjoy more time relaxing with them because they don't have school and strict routines.
It's only been the first week of school for Brody and I'm already drained of the new schedule we're adjusting to!

Visiting St.Augustine, FL

We had some adventures over the past few months and one of them was our visit to St. Augustine a couple weeks ago.  This past Tuesday, I posted our photos from the Alligator Farm and afterward we explored Castillo de San Marcos National Monument.

View from rooftop of the center of the Castillo

My favorite part of the fort was the rooftop where we had a clear view of everything below.  Also, it was much cooler up there so that was a nice break from the sweltering heat that day.
View of the entrance from the rooftop.

Another view from above looking down at the park.

Peering through the hole of the sentry tower.

I felt like a stalker taking these photos from the peep hole of the tower!

Entrance to the Castillo
Construction began in 1672; the fort is over 333 years old.

Enjoying the view of St. Augustine.  This is such a beautiful city full of rich history.

Sleeping quarters

Spanish 4 pounder cannon

Weddings can be held out here (exterior of park only) with a permit.
This would be a gorgeous location!
He was admiring the view from above.  I was just worried he would fall off so
he didn't sit here too long.
Sentry tower: The kids were drawn into this narrow space since
one of their fave games right now is hide and seek.

The salty smell of sea water was strong from up here; my son
kept commenting on it, asking, "What's that smell?"

She decided her baby would be safer inside her shirt.

She has such good motherly instincts!

Of course, the kids found all the weaponry and cannons fun to explore up close.

Oldest City in USA

Although the weather was blistering hot and we were practically pouring with sweat, it turned out to be a fun, educational and (exhausting) outing with the family.  My little girl, Lyla B., fell asleep and we finished the day with dinner where we were able to cool off and fill our bellies with delicious grub.  

Lots of History in St.Augustine, FL

I always enjoy trips, big or small, to this old city and look forward to more adventures there.  There is always something new to experience whether it be food or the attractions.  

The fort was built hundreds of years ago and walking around it, you can see the way soldiers lived their lives during that colonial era.  There is much to learn when exploring this place.  The people that stayed here built memories within those walls for our history and it reminded me of how I want to leave rich memories behind for my kids.  I think nice, simple family trips like these are a good start in doing that.

Have you visited the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument?  Any suggestions on places to explore or food to try while in this city?  

If you're interested in more info on this national monument, visit the website here.

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There is still one more day this week of driving Brody back and forth so I'm looking forward to a break from that this weekend.  Hope you all have a good one!