Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Brielle's Seven Month Photo Shoot 2012

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles


My Daughter Is Growing So Fast

Happy Hump Day!  Can you believe it's Wednesday already?  I can't seem to ever catch up with time.  I constantly feel like I'm running a race with it to get things done.  I find myself struggling to stay on the same page but it leaves me a few pages behind, ready to skip to the next chapter.  

For example, last week, Lyla Brielle turned 23 months old.  One more month and she will be two!  I can't believe how time passed quickly.  I want to hold onto her and stop time from moving any faster.  I took these pictures last year when she was about seven months old and they are some of my favorite photos of her.  I miss these baby days and feel like I was cheated by time.  These photos transport me back to these moments when she was still so young and new to the world.  

She was a good little baby model for Mama.
She said, "Is this a good pose?"
Whatever you do is perfect, baby girl ;)

" fingers are tasty."

Mommy's precious angel

Can you spot the bald spot?

She did an awesome job satisfying my click-happy-picture-taking-cravings.

I think she enjoyed the shoot as much as I did.

What a natural!
It was a fun photo shoot and I'm baffled how these photos were just taken in Spring last year. She was new to the world then but now she acts like she owns the world.  I know she at least owns our world! Her daddy and I adore her with all her hearts and she even has her big brother, Brody, wrapped around her finger at times!

I'm finding more photos scattered all over my phone, memory cards, tablet and computer so I'm working on organizing them all.  It's easy to snap the shot but keeping up with it afterward is the hard part for me.  I'll have to add "organizing pictures" onto my already long list of projects as my battle with "Time" continues...

Do you have any favorite photos you like to look through to reminisce?  Do you feel like you are running a race with time?


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