Friday, June 21, 2013

Brody's Life Lessons With a Heart and Iron Man

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That was my favorite quote growing up and it rings true.  It's another Friday, another day to learn and grow for us all.

My life includes lots of books and parenting on top of everything else.  As a parent, I'm constantly spilling out some kind of life lesson to my son, Brody whenever opportunity hits.  It hits a lot since he's five now; he's inquisitive and curious so it gets exhausting.  It's awesome when he asks reasonable questions that feed his growth and knowledge.  Other times, I wish he wouldn't be so curious especially if we're out in public.  Some of the questions sometimes boggle my mind because the answers take time to form.  I become tongue-tied not because I don't know the answer but because my brain is still processing the question.

For example, he poked my butt jokingly while I was sitting down but then his face got serious.  He asked, "Oh, Mom, why is your butt so big?  It's like not fitting in the chair, how did you grow it so big?"  Luckily, we were at home.  My answer:  "I planted a seed there, watered it and that's how it grew so big."  No, I didn't say that.  He might have believed me.  He once put some popcorn kernels in my house plant (after he learned about planting seeds at school) to see if popcorn would start growing.  Popcorn didn't start growing.  My house plant ate the popcorn kernels.  So, I didn't give him an answer for the butt question.  My brain was still processing...and it still is right now....

Father’s Day was this past Sunday, June 16, 2013 and Brody learned another lesson, not through a question but through a fall.   We didn't get to celebrate the whole day since we were moving this past weekend.

We did go out to breakfast together before we started moving more stuff and we all dressed in some kind of attire to honor the day.
Lyla wore one of Brody's old shirts that said, "Daddy's My Super Hero" and Brody's shirt said, "My Dad Rocks."
My top said, "I Love My Hubby" and Ryan's shirt said, "Proud Dad."
I took the kids to the park for a bit so they would be out of the way while the old place was getting cleaned out.  At the park Brody tried to do the monkey bars on his own and took a fall.

I thought, "Perfect time for a lesson!"  So...

Lesson of the day:  “Everyone falls sometimes, what matters is that you get back up and try again.”

I assured him that everyone falls once in a while off those bars.  He felt better and decided to try again another day.  I told him that’s fine, I was proud of him for trying.  I clapped when he made it to the next bar before he fell.

Parenting requires constant praising.  So do husbands, right?  That’s why we praised him with signs for the world to see on Father’s Day:
It's hard to see but there's two hand prints on the sign.
We also made him a sign for the car that said, "This car belongs to World's Best Dad." 
We love you, Ryan ..."with a heart and Iron Man" like Brody likes to say.  Brody also wrote him a story and an "Interview About Daddy" as a gift:

"My Interview About Daddy"
My fave question on here: "What's Daddy's favorite dessert?"
Brody's Answer: "Spaghetti"

Once upon a time, there was a zombie.  He was trying to look for the kids.  He had one zombie, two zombies, three zombies, until there were seven zombies total.  He tried to get the father.  The father shot the zombie.  The zombie got killed.  The daddy slapped the zombie.  The daddy bit the other zombies.  

The daddy went in the house to put the kids to sleep.  Then, a ghost came out of the woods.  He was trying to look for money.  The daddy was reading a story and heard a knock.  The ghosts came in the house, there were one, two, three, four total.  

They were like, "Wooooo, I found the children."  He came down stairs and hit the ghosts and found the children.  The kids cried and said, "Father!"  The baby cried and wanted her Mommy and Daddy.  The daddy shot the ghosts and they all died.  Finally, he finished reading all of the story.  The son said, "I love my father."

Yes, the daddy was a werewolf that whole time, I guess that's why he was able to bite the zombies.
Brody chose all the pics for this story.

Tip of the day:  If attacked by zombies, shoot them, slap them, bite them and don't answer the door when ghosts come knocking.

I learned that as a parent, with every fall or mistake, it’s a chance to pass on your wisdom and that kids are capable of teaching parents something in return.  Parenting has made me feel wiser already!  I don’t know if I’ll feel that way when these kids grow into teens.  Maybe by then Brody can answer his question on how butts grow big.

How was your Father's Day weekend?  Any life lessons you taught your kids recently or any they've taught you?  What's some weird questions you've been asked by kids?

Check out some happenings around Jax area this weekend:
  • National Flip Flop Day at Tropical Smoothie today, June 21st: Get a free smoothie if you wear your flip flops 2-7 PM.  Go here for info.
  • Pollinator Day at the zoo today: $1 admission to Butterfly Hollow all day.  Go here for info.
  • Go Skate Day: free music, food , skateboarding, food trucks at Hemming Plaza.  Go here for info.
  • MOSH admission $5 all day on Fridays and heads up for adults: next Friday, Wine Making 101.  Go here for info.
  • Free Monsters University-theme projects for kids at Lowe's June 22.  Register early.  Go here for info.
Pray that my brain doesn't explode from 20 questions with Brody's actually my brain that's growing big because it's getting nourished by Brody's curiousity!  Also, a book that's growing my brain right now is The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb, check it out if you want your brain fed.  Enjoy your weekend and see you next week...with a heart and Iron Man.


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