Monday, June 10, 2013

Bring on the fun for Father's Day

 Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

My dad raised us with saying many repetitive things, most of them annoying me as I became a teenager.  Now, as a parent myself, I find myself repeating the same things to my kids over and over like time to eat, eat your food, brush your teeth, pick up your toys, be careful, etc.  I'm sure they're already finding it annoying and they're not even teens yet.

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  The quote below is one that I love.  I didn't like him saying it as an adolescent trying to find my way but I totally embrace the meaning behind them as an adult trying to raise kids of my own.  I want them to grasp the meaning to it, too; for them to ask themselves what's stopping them from doing things others can do?  I hope they learn one day that the answer is NOTHING as long as they work toward it honestly and diligently.  

Quotes, Parenting, Motivational Quotes Thanks dad for saying something that no longer bothers me ...because now I can annoy my own kids with the same quotes!

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I think the parents can be just as annoying to the kids!
I think that's how my kids feel about me sometimes.

Father's Day is creeping toward us. It's the perfect time to celebrate dad and show him that he is special, too. Just not as special as mom, right?  I'm kidding!  
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There's plenty to do to make dad feel honored and special on this holiday.  Check out my Father's Day Hub at for ideas for things to do, places to go and gifts to create or buy.  I wrote about lots of creative ideas that will make dad feel admired and loved so stop by and read it!

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Thank you to my hubby, the father of our kids, for helping create adorable babies with me.  Hey, at least you know that there's something I'll always be grateful to you for!  

Pssst... Let dad go wild...and grub on some food that's unhealthy for him, just make sure he gets back on track after! 

Try this dessert:  Coffee Cake with White Chocolate Mocha Icing - a great dessert for someone who likes coffee; it would be perfect for Father's Day.  

Enjoy your week and good luck planning a memorable Father's Day! 

What are your plans for Father's Day? Any favorite memories to share?  Share and let me know, I'd love to hear it!

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