Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Brielle's Room

Last year when we moved into our new place and baby girl got a room of her own, I was ecstatic to decorate and paint it.  I was looking forward to entering a Joann's nursery contest after it was completed.  We moved in mid-June and the contest deadline was the end of the month.  I thought to myself, "Of course this room will be done by then."  Nope.  Not even close.  Painting alone was a tedious task because the design I decided to do involved several colors and patterns, not just one solid color for the whole room.  Time was not on my side either since I had to wait until I had help with watching the kids while the room was painted. No one wants wall paint near little ones!

Plus, I didn't stop to think that the store where I purchased the glitter stripes from would seldom have that particular item in stock.  It became a waiting game... I would buy some one day and then wait a couple weeks later sometimes to buy more.  It didn't help that when the item was in stock that only two or three rolls were available at a time.  The length of the stripes allowed each roll to only give five full stripes.  The room design required much more than that!    

Glitter stripes!  These were so hard to find (bought them at Michael's)
 and I had to wait  weeks sometimes before I could buy another roll.

At first, I didn't know what color I actually wanted the room.  I played with different ideas in my mind until
I decided to use the personalized picture frame (that was made by Lyla's grandfather/Papa) as the inspiration.  I didn't want the typical pink girl room but I still wanted a color that would be predominantly female so I went with the purple and white especially
since it would be displayed in the room. 


It took several months but I declare this room done!  I know I will always be tempted to continue to add and change things around here and there just like with any other room in the house but I feel like I'm finally content with the end result.  I'm constantly seeing adorable things that I want to add to the room so that makes it harder for me to stop doing "touch ups" to it.  

This is on the front of her bedroom door.  

I couldn't bare to put away some of my fave outfits on her so I hung them up.

Wooden tea items I found at the craft store.  I just painted them and stuck them on the wall.

Her first few pairs of shoes.

This lantern was originally hanging above her crib and the veil (my wedding veil) was spread out like a canopy above the crib but we rearranged her room and just stuck it up in this corner.  

The most adorable thing in the room, though, is Lyla Brielle.  She does an amazing job of bringing everything together.  She completes the room as a sweet angel who wakes (me) in the morning, a precious princess who plays in there during the day (or more often a curious adventurer like Alice) and as a sleeping beauty who dreams in there at night. 

I enjoyed working on this project and although it gave me plenty of satisfaction to create, we (Daddy and I) wanted it as a gift to our baby girl ...just like she has been a gift to us.  

String of butterfly lights

Precious angel

Alice necklace and clock for white rabbit

Her angel wings she retired lol

I know she's enjoyed this room and we (especially me) will miss it when we have to move and say good-bye...

...but then, she'll have a new room and another project for me!  I should I decorate it next time?... 

See my hub post for the tips/ideas I used to decorate this nursery.

Until next time,