Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day Reflections

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Mother's Day Reflections

"Mom, I don't want to grow up...because I don't want to leave you."
                                                                                                                                                      -My son                                                                

Don't be fooled, your kids will eventually leave you...maybe not today, not tomorrow, not when they're 18 and maybe not even when they're 28, but eventually, they will move out and leave.  It can be a good thing and a bad thing.  This past Mother's Day, I had a headache for half the day.  I would have been content just staying inside and lounging around, not doing any house work for once and not having to change diapers and cook any meals.  It was such a pretty day outside, though, so I wanted to...can you guess?  Yes!  Take a picture (how did you guess?) of the kids with me.  Unfortunately, my camera's battery wasn't charged so I had to make do with my cell phone's camera.

So Many Geese

I started the day with actually getting to sleep in while hubby watched the kids.  That rarely ever happens.  Ever.  (Me sleeping in)...although watching the kids on his own rarely happens, too.  We started the day out with eating breakfast.  My hubby cooked a homemade breakfast of my choice even though I wasn't in much of a mood to eat.  Then, we went to a little spot outside to take some photos.  There were a dozen geese and some ducks and ducklings around so Brielle didn't want to get near them.  They are pretty scary with their obnoxious honking.  They're a good size, too, maybe the size of her so she was intimidated. They were  confident and walked right up to us.

Time for a Movie

We walked around for a bit at the shops around there then picked up a movie for me to watch at home.

My hubby offered to give me a pedicure (his version) at home while I watched the movie (or tried to since Brody constantly interrupted).  It was sweet of my hubby because I know he's always scared of messing up my nails.  We have a portable home foot spa thing so that was nice...hot water and bubbles felt good on these Mommy feet.

He took care of all the house chores and the kids that day and for the most part, they were behaved.


I baked some treats (Blondies and cupcakes) the day before so we ate some after dinner and I was able to sit and relax.

My son made some gifts for me at preschool.  He drew a picture of me with red hair, he always emphasizes that  it's red.  The book is a cook book with recipes described from each student.  His recipe was to make pepperoni pizza.
"First you put the cheese on the crust.  Then you put the pepperoni on.  Then you cook it in the oven for 100 minutes.  Then serve it hot with fruit and water."  

A picture he took at school for the cook book.  He sure does love helping out in the kitchen.
I wonder how long that will last?!

A painting of flowers in a pot he made for me.  He's such a good painter. I wish Mother's Day was every day!

I know my Mom missed us this Mother's Day since we didn't visit.  When she called to greet me and asked if we were stopping by, I had to tell her that we were staying in, doing our own thing.  She understood without me having to say it directly that I have my own family now and kids to celebrate my special day with.   Of course, I felt a little bad about not seeing her.

I know one day, when my kids have their own families, I'll miss them, too. 

By then, who knows?  Maybe my hubby will still be there to give me pedicures and clean the house once a year!

How was your Mother's Day?  What was your favorite part of the day?  

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