Monday, May 6, 2013

B, R, L and Bubbles

A few weeks ago, when it was nice and sunny outside we took advantage of the perfect weather and took some outdoor pictures.  I'm always on the look out for nice, interesting places to take pictures.  We found a new spot located in the St.John's Town Center by Target.  

The kids are still young enough to let me take a thousand pictures of them every week so I have to take advantage of that, too.   My oldest, Brody, is starting to get to that age, however, where he doesn't always let me take pictures of him.  Every now and then, he says, "No, don't take my picture.  Enough."  I can't get enough, though, it seems like I need more!  It's become an addiction, an obsession...maybe because these kids are too darn cute!  

Two little bits

My mini-me

My little lady

She still likes taking pictures...most of the time.
When she sees me with my camera, she says, "cheese."  

Only it sounds like "cheeee"

Bubbles are always fun

This was the hardest shot to capture...I took four or five of these and this may be the best one.

"Thumbs up."  Brody approves this picture
My hubby, Ryan, has a nice smile here but wish he wasn't wearing his glasses.

One of my faves

Big bubbles, little bubbles...

More bubbles

...and more bubbles

He took off the glasses finally but kept squinting



Brody's holding her letter for her because she was too busy being stubborn.

Lyla B. fell asleep


More kisses...

...and more...

maybe too many haha...

...or not enough...


L and B

Ryan isn't too fond of ducks...
...but they wanted to pose for some shots, too.
This place was a quiet spot to sit or have a bite to eat if you're shopping in the St. John's Town Center and want to be away from the crowds for a little while.  There were plenty of ducks and geese there when we went another day if you enjoy watching them or having their company.  

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Take care,