Friday, April 26, 2013

Birthday Letter {5th Birthday}

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles


 A Letter from Mommy on Your 5th Birthday


Dearest Brody Bear,

You are now five years old!!!  Five years passed so quickly since we first met.  We have had so many adventures together.  You have taught me so much and I am still amazed at all you have learned and continue to learn.  You are smart, charming and can make me laugh.  You also know how to push my buttons and we both can be impatient with one another.

I still remember when I found out you were growing inside of me.  You made me so tired during my pregnancy and you still do to this day.

  Mastering the Alphabet and Counting

You have learned the alphabet and can count effortlessly up to 20 now.  You're next goal is counting to 100.  You know how to spell your name and your sister's name.  You're always asking me to spell things.  You try to put together random letters like "afjxku" and ask me what you spelled.  

Playtime and Favorite TV Shows


You enjoy school, playing games, swimming, basketball and lots of other things.  You love the game hide and seek and tag.  You're fave shows right now are Backyardigans, Wonder Pets, Ben 10, dinosaurs, Angry Birds, anything Spiderman and Iron Man.  

You try to read already and every night will read a book to us

Favorite Activities and Colors

Your fave hang out spots are the park, yogurt eateries, library, the child care at the gym, kids area at the mall, Adventure Landing and Chuck E. Cheese.  You like reading Dr. Seuss books.  You want to learn how to play the guitar so maybe this is the year for that.

Oh and your fave number is 7.  Your fave colors are white, green and gray.  Sometimes orange.

Dressing Yourself and Belieber in Justin Bieber...Oh, Boy

You want to be like Justine Bieber and always ask for his hair cut.  You insist on picking out your clothes at home and when we're shopping.  You like skinny jeans, jeans that are white/off-white color, black and gray.  You don't always match and sometimes you wear clothes that are a bit too small for you (you won't let me put them up and you ask about where they are if you know I took them).  If you don't want to wear something, you hide it or throw it into the hamper.

Best Big Brother

You fight with your sister over everything but I know you love her.  You defend her when another kid is fighting with her.  You call her your baby sister and say her whole name when someone asks what her name is.  You tell everyone she is one.  You help her put her shoes on and love picking out her clothes even if they don't match.  You take her out of the crib when she's crying and get upset when I don't get her right away. 

Double Trouble siblings
You sometime says, "This girl is so evil" or "I wanna kill this girl" when your baby sister annoys you.  Then, two seconds later, you're giving her things and you want to hold her.

You say you don't want to go to Kindergarten.  Yesterday, you said, "I don't want to go to Kindergarten."  We asked you, "Why?"  You replied, "Because I still want to eat fries."  I guess once you start Kindergarten you won't be eating fries anymore!  (They're not that great for you, anyway).  

You know you have to leave your teacher, friends and preschool behind soon.  That makes me sadder than you know!  I joke with you that I'm not going to feed you so that you can stay little and stop growing.  (Sometimes, it's not always a joke; I really don't want you to grow up).  You used to ask why but by now you already know why, "Because you don't want me to leave you, Mommy?"  No, I don't!  You will one day but not today...

One of your fave books right now

Favorite Food

You're a picky eater, though so I tell you that you should eat your food so you can grow strong and be healthy.  You like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chicken wings, pizza (with pepperoni which you still call pep pep), hot dogs, fries, mac and cheese and boiled eggs.  

You have to grow, it's inevitable and one day, I'll be more proud of you than I am today.  So, keep eating your veggies and fruit (your fave by the way are celery, granny smith apples and watermelon), keep learning all you can and enjoy life to the fullest.

That is, while you can...because some day, hopefully, you'll have a five year old of your own and all you'll want to do is sleep!

Happy Birthday, Brody!

Love you forever,


You wanted a dinosaur cake at the last minute when I was about to make a Lego cake.
You added on your Luau birthday candles from your 1st birthday

Hope all your wishes come true!

Strawberry cupcakes with dinosaur sprinkles for your class

You went to the park for your actual birthday since it was on a Tuesday.

You always wait at the end of the slide to catch your sister...
such a good big brother.

You do all this on your own now...
such an independent boy.

When you got to the top, you said, "I'm awesome!"  Yes, you are.  You're my awesome son who is growing up.  My little boy may be slipping away but that's okay as long as you grow into a decent, wonderful man who I can be proud to call my son.  Stay the way you are and never lose your





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