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Birthday Poem and Birthday Card Printables

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles


Poem for My Son's 5th Birthday


April is National Poetry Month and my son's birthday is in April so I put the two together and wrote him a poem for his birthday.  Genius, right?  It's just a short poem of snippets of memories I have of my son through the past four years.  Also, included at the bottom are some free printables for birthday cards.

Happy 5th birthday, Brody!!!

Birthday cards, Birthday Poem

I Remember When

I remember when 

you were already making me so tired that I didn't read the test right.
Daddy double checked, the lines were positive.
I went to bed with a smile that night.

I remember when

you finally arrived.
I could't stop shaking and crying.
It was my joy and happiness that I couldn't hide.

I remember when

I saw those little lips first smile.
We were still in the hospital and I couldn't stop looking at you.
Instead of going back to sleep, I thought I'd stare awhile.

I remember when

on the ground, I heard the smacking sounds of little quick hands and knees.
I was proud that you were crawling but I asked,
"Can you stay small longer, please?"

I remember when

you dropped my hand to take your first steps.  Left foot, then right...
I was so proud of you but I asked, 
"Can I still hold your hand tight?"

He got hurt at 18 months and needed to wear a cast...
it was the tiniest cast you've ever seen.

I remember when

at 18 months you had to wear your first cast.
It was for a tiny sprain and you looked so sad.
"Don't worry little one, it will heal fast."

He's happy now...he knows he'll have his arm back.
It took 3 days and it was all better!

I remember when
you hated to see me go at the age of two.
You screamed and banged your head on the door, 
you didn't know what to do.

"Never worry, little one, Mommy will never leave you."

I remember when

the potty became your new friend.
You fought with it sometimes 
but now you visit him again and again.

I remember when 

you found out you were having a baby sister.
You watched Mommy be sick, sleep and noticed 
with curiosity my tummy growing bigger.  

I remember when 

we played all the time, you and I, one on one.
The laughs, hugs and giggles 
made those days so much fun.

I remember when

at three I heard you shout,
"I have a baby sister!" You were so excited but kept wondering,
"How did she get out?"

I remember when

you started preschool on your first day.
There were tears from us both, you wouldn't let go,
you wished I would stay.

Brody's first day of preschool at 3 years old

I remember when
you started preschool on your first day.
My tears didn't stop when I got home.
I didn't want to leave you, I wished I could stay.

He was so scared that first day.
He's holding his emergency clothes in case of accidents.

I remember when

it was all about ABC's and 123's at four.
It was constant singing, jumping, question-asking
and chatting my ear off with some more.

I remember when

at five...???  Well, let's find out together. 
I look forward to sharing more memories, laughs and adventure with you
while I love you today, tomorrow and forever.

Cheers to another great year, Brody!!!

Love, Mommy

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