Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bri Bri is One and a Half Years Old

Dearest Baby Girl,

I'm a big girl...almost

You've hit the 18 month mark!  You aren't a baby anymore for sure.  In six months you'll be celebrating your second birthday.  It's exciting, sad and bittersweet.  I remember back when it was just your big brother in our lives, when the squeals, girly screeches and sibling fights did not exist.  It's exhausting watching you two now.  One minute you're getting along and the next you're fighting over toys, the remote, cellphone, food, bathroom sink, my attention, etc.  Yeah, pretty much everything.  You do share every now and then and kiss each other goodnight at bed time.  Sometimes you both gang up on me to get me to do something.  I sure can't wait to see what happens when you are both teenagers.

Double Trouble

You started potty-training a little bit but I certainly haven't been pushing it.  Our hectic schedule has not had a lot of room for that and you haven't been showing too much interest in it.  You sit on your potty every now and then (with your pants or diaper still on) so we'll try more this summer when there's more time.  Also, potty-training means you'll be graduating to big girl underpants and the big girl world...definitely closing the door to babyhood.  I know it'll be easier once you're potty-trained but for now, it's okay to hold onto that last step a little while longer...

You're still a little miss diva and that's okay, too.  You know what you want and most of the time, you know how to get it.  You're learning fast with the help of your Kuya/big brother Brody.  Sometimes, though, your diva attitude needs to be put in check so you have begun experiencing the consequences like going to time-out.  You know when you're misbehaving and every now and then you correct yourself and go to time-out on your own.  Yep, you're a fast learner for sure.

Another thing you picked up are facial know how to blink your eyes slowly so that's sweet but you do this thing with your eyes to look mean or scary, too.  At night in the dark when I'm putting you to bed in your crib, you do scare me a bit...creepy girl.  The good news is that you have finally started sleeping through the night without waking up until seven or eight in the morning.  Yay!  I still don't go to bed until midnight since I have to do everything I don't get to do while you're awake.  We will work on that.  We all know you still demand Mommy's attention allll day.

Your creepy glare

Then you start laughing...and then do your creepy eyes again

This is your "I'm concentrating" look but also your mad face

You've learned another way to use chairs besides just for sitting...for standing!  You use chairs to climb into your crib and reach light switches.  You're current hobby is to turn lights/fans on and off and play with door latches.

You love getting your teeth brushed and having some perfume spritzed on you before you go out.  When we're not planning on going out but YOU have plans to go out, you get your shoes and will carry it around the house until someone puts it on your feet.  Even if you're just wearing your long as those shoes are on, you are ready to go, with or without the clothes.

You love getting in the car now because you want to push all the buttons in the front seat and play with the steering wheel.  It's become part of your daily routine.

The trips to the store with you have become more adventurous, crazy, wild... so now you frequent the parks, library, book store and play areas instead.  You are definitely a handful on your own.

You sing Justin Bieber's song, Baby since you hear your brother singing it.  I think that's the first song you've sang so there you're a "Belieber."

Fave foods right now: marshamallows, the icing on the cake/cupcake, cereal, cheese, chicken adobo (you certainly are a Filipina), boiled eggs

Fave movie:  The Lorax

Eighteen months...makes me start thinking of how you'll be at eighteen years old.  I know when you turn two that you'll be closer to being miss independent.  Who knows?  Maybe you'll be the one putting me to bed at eight or nine o'clock at night while you stay up until midnight!

Happy 18 month birthday!

Vanilla cupcakes with maple syrup/buttercream icing.
I had to put butterflies, hearts, purple and pink sprinkles for you.

You know you'r from Florida or the south when you have a gun ...
you can't help following after your bro and cousin, Edison

You kept putting it in your mouth

You didn't understand why we wanted you to pick up eggs and put them in your basket

Then, you realized there was candy and food in them

*Muah*  Love your little kisses

You love the park/playground

The slide is your favorite 

Can you tell?  You don't care much for the swings, especially the baby swings

*Superstar*  I made this for you when you were just a baby.
It's size 18 months so you'll be growing out of it soon enough
but you'll always by my Superstar.

Love forever,



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