Monday, April 15, 2013

Beauty in Moments

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

What Taking Pictures Means To Me

"Take a photo, it will last longer."

How true that is.

Have you ever picked up a photo album for just a second trying to find that one specific picture but then by the time you closed it, those seconds turned into several minutes...maybe an hour?  

I know I'm guilty of that.  It's because a flood happens...a flood of a thousand memories flows through from that one moment captured in time.  When I look at pictures of my kids when they were younger...the memories rush in and yesterday is alive once again even if it's for a brief moment and I'm taken back to that first smile,  first step, first memory...

When I was in college, one of the jobs I had was working in a photo studio as a photographer.  I didn't crave to learn more or take photos on my own outside of work.  I saw it as just a job.

Now that I have a family of my own (and partially influenced by Instagram), I am more inspired to snap away and capture random moments in hopes to make time stand still through photos.   It has become my fave hobby.  I'm driven to learn more about the art of photography.  My children are my inspiration and have brought out that hunger to use photography for my personal purpose.  I believe that's what the essence of photography is, to allow each photographer, amateur or pro, to utilize it for whatever it personally means to them.


A picture in a picture....Capturing the Moments

I take lots of pictures especially of my kids because I want to trap those moments...trap my kids in the present, hold them hostage because I know that today will quickly become memories of yesterday.

I use photography to capture how I see my kids, my family, my adventures through life.  I love sharing my point of view, what I see as beauty and maybe one day, when my kids are grown, they can see all the photos I took and get a glimpse of what I beheld to be fascinating and important through my eyes, the eyes of a wife and mom, someone who has gone through so many chapters in life.

Easter Photos

This past Easter, armed with a tripod, camera and some props, we went to a nice little place in our neighborhood to take our annual Easter photos, to document more pages/photos/memories for our personal story.  It was windy, we didn't have much time (we're always rushing to get somewhere nowadays) and the kids were ready to get it over with but I think we got some decent pictures. 

She didn't want to hold her sign: munchkin 2...the untamed one!  Anyone that has experience photographing kids knows that they can be challenging creatures to tame and pose but they're still my fave subjects because I'm passionate about capturing those moments, big and small, good and bad.

MIA: munchkin 2

Kids, in my opinion, are naturally beautiful in front of the camera, with or without the smiles.  So, all day Easter I  snapped away, not giving them much direction. 

Sad face for the lone munchkin

There she is, my munchkin #2


The family shots with all of us in them were the most difficult since we had to use the timer.

That little face says it all.

At least she was willing to wear her hat...

...for some of the shots.

I let them just run around and do their own thing, call their own "shots" and many times, those are the ones you'll want to keep.

She decided to take a break and have a seat.

She gets an Easter hat every year.

Hmmm, wonder what my munchkin is thinking about?

Beauty in moments...

Such a sweet big brother, when he wants to be...  He picked her a flower (from the neighbor's yard).

I love this one because looking at it I think of the words: carefree and free...
we all know as a wife and a mom, that is not always true!

...but when there's little ones around, you sometimes want to think like them, be like them...
to have no care in the world!

The moment Daddy almost crushed his daughter...

I used to do this, too, with my dad when I was a kid.
I wish I had a picture of that to put side by side with this one.

I'm not a fan of the super posed photos because they're altered realities.  I didn't expect these photos to be perfect but they're perfect for us because they showed our personality as a family unit, how we interact with one another.

"A picture is worth a thousand words"...or ten thousand?  During my research on that quote, there seemed to be some misunderstanding with the correct wording.

I was rushing to get in the shot in this one after setting the timer.  Here, Ryan's smile is nice and his eyes are open so I thought it would be fair to at least give him credit for that even if the rest of us weren't picture-ready.  I feel like it's perfect the way it is.  That's the beauty of this photo, for me it's saying,  "We aren't always on the same page at every moment but that is what  matters, the fact that we're all sharing the SAME moments." 

I made this prop expecting great photos from it but it was so windy that morning so we'll have to do a re-do another day. 

Ryan had to keep holding it which wasn't my intention and the frame wasn't supposed to be here either but the kids wouldn't let go.   The message conveyed here:  "Our happily ever after is a bit messy and chaotic...but isn't there beauty in chaos?"

We ended our mini photo shoot with photos of just us two.

The beautiful thing about these two shots of Ryan and I are that they were taken with Brody's own two hands...

and hopefully this is how he sees us through his two eyes...

...because for a four-year-old, aren't they pretty good shots?
After he took them, he said, "Perfect." 

We can only hope that when he sees this picture through his eyes as an adult that the same word
crosses his mind while looking at his parents...


I find myself forgetting exact dates of when events and milestones happened but those sometimes end up being tiny details in the bigger picture.  The important part is the beauty you find in those moments and the feelings that bubble up inside from remembering them.  A picture does an amazing job to keep those memories alive, to show the beauty in even the smallest moments so that we can cherish them in the future.

To see more pictures from this Easter, check out my post on when my little girl turned one and a half!

Happy picture-taking!

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