Saturday, February 16, 2013

Being 16 ...months old is so sweet

Oh, how sweet it is to be sweet sixteen...

Father-Daughter Dance at our church

Dearest Baby Girl,

You are now sixteen months old...time sure is flying by and you are ready for anything.  

This past month you attended your first dance (with Daddy) ...

Cute, they're matching!  It was not planned!  I picked out your dress and sweater.
Apparently, you refused to take off your sweater so we can't see your pretty pink dress underneath.

you drove your first car all by yourself ...

 got in your first car wreck... oopsie!  (Daddy will buy you a new one *wink wink* Daddy!)

 got your first hair cut ...thanks, Auntie Kel!  Now we can see those big brown eyes.

You also began throwing temper tantrums because you discovered you are a Diva...

Daddy said you threw a fit at the dance...oh, the burdens of being 16  haha...
maybe you got rejected by a boy?  It's okay, Daddy will be there to comfort you.

You must have a lot to say, too, because you are a chatter box, a true Diva who likes to talk (still speaks gibberish but is learning new words every day).  Your favorite words are Mommy, Mama, Mimi (you constantly call me that now), Da-da, Daddy, Daaaaadddddyyyy (yes, you say it exactly like that, long, loud and drawn out), go, no, yeah-yeah, pop-poop (for your #2), hi and bye.  You have said "I love you" a few times but need to be in the mood to say it.  Sometimes. you'll just say "love you."

 Or maybe you are just complaining about those tiny teeth that have bombarded your little mouth in the past few weeks.  You now have nine little choppers including your molars.  I miss your gummy smile but I know you need those teeth to chew all that food you have been chowing down on.

Speaking of food, your current menu of choice are yogurt, cheese (string cheese or sliced up block cheese), bread with Biscoff spread or jelly, hard-boiled eggs, cereal, rice, spaghetti, grapes, bananas, anything sweet like cupcakes, cake and cookies.  This month you have also graduated from the high chair to the booster seat where you sit at the table with the rest of us.  Now, we just need to work on your table manners ...

They served one of your fave dishes there  - spaghetti.

Uh-oh,  your sweater got hungry, too.  It's okay, you're still young... let's hope
 when you're sixteen  that you can keep your food in your mouth!

Such a big girl

One of the big girl things you do right now is let us know what you want.  You take our hand and lead us to where you want to go and what you want rather it be the kitchen/fridge for food or a drink, the bedroom where you lay down on your own on the changing pad when you need your diaper changed, to the closet to get your shoes when you want to leave the house or upstairs when you want to play in your bedroom.  

We know you're about ready to be potty-trained because you alert us when you've got a dirty diaper and point to your bum.  You even like your privacy when you're dropping a number two, your

"pop-poop."  You freak out when we get all up in your business while you are...taking care of business.  Soon, my darling, soon... you can use the big potty like the rest of us.  

Another thing you've picked up is dancing...

Some girls called a dance off...
So you had to show them your moves...  you were crowned with the title, Dancing Queen, I mean Dancing Princess.
Okay, maybe not but in our hearts you were.

No matter what age you are,  sixteen months or sixteen years, you'll always be our precious princess.  Daddy recently said, "She's so clingy, whiny and needy."  I laughed and he said it wasn't funny.  I told him wait until she's a teenager and then he'll really be laughing; the fun will begin.  He repeated that it wasn't funny.  This made me laugh more.  Daddy didn't grow up with sisters so he'll be in for good times when all the teenage female fun starts.  He's already dreading when this day arrives...

Little Brielle, you surprise us every day like the first day you arrived...two weeks earlier and full of energy.  I know I should expect anything from you but you are growing and learning faster than I feel I can keep up with sometimes.  What a journey it has been so far!  You keep us all on our toes (including your older brother).

By the way, little girl, I still get no sleep so maybe we can change that next month?  

Don't look all innocent, you know what you do to  Mommy!
I still love you, though.




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