Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bye-Bye Baby Days, Hello Toddlerhood

She's walking it out...
Stepping off into Toddlerhood
Saturday, September 24th of last year at 6:45 in the evening, my baby girl made her appearance into the world.  I was drained and exhausted (natural birth, no drugs with this one!) but happy she was healthy and my heart was filled with love for her.  I remember feeling weak....all the energy was literally sucked out of me... but great joy that I could finally hold her, even though she had hold of my heart for several months before her arrival.

It really is true that the first step a baby makes is into your heart
"Daddy, you're in for a heap of trouble!"
FYI, Filipino daughters are notorious for making their parents go B-R-O-K-E!
Ryan does not even know what he got himself into, poor guy. 

If she really did arrive two weeks later,
she would have been about nine pounds ...no thanks, Lyla!
Brody did not know what he had coming to him when his little sister was born

My baby girl's arrival, however, was two weeks before her estimated due date.  She decided to steal my thunder pretty much from here on out because she did not stick to the game plan of being born after my birthday which is October third, her due date was October eighth.  Nope, instead she wanted to one-up Mommy by being born earlier on September 24th.  My birthday is now obliterated since her birthday is only nine days ahead of mine.  That means all the money will now be going to her birthday plans, parties, trips and gifts. What a thunder-stealer...thanks, Lyla!

Oh well, what's done is done.  The only thing I'm bitter about is having to watch my baby get slowly ripped away from me as SHE ages... she will grow and grow and grow and keep on growing  into hopefully a happy, successful, healthy adult.

Reminiscing on the past year of Lyla's first year of life, I'm reminded of the quote "...some are born great, some achieve greatness and others have greatness thrust upon them."  (William Shakespeare, by the way).  I have a strong feeling that Lyla is one of the lucky ones who are born great, meaning I am now the parent that has to deal with that greatness thrust upon me!  Thanks again, Lyla!

Birthday girl: The Great Lyla Brielle

Ice cream cake entirely made of ice cream sandwiches and butter cream icing

We're telling her that the objective is to
 devour that cake in one minute, getting as messy as possible...

She starts off slow then digs in and destroys

She kept trying to wipe it off her nose but  it only made it worse...


She said she is DONE!

Yep, DONE!
Uh-oh...maybe that was too much ice cream

Washing it down...
Mission accomplished: birthday cake destroyed!

Birthday photo session

What are the signs of greatness?  Well, she has already proven that she is a fighter: as soon as she could start sitting up and grabbing, she started fighting with her older brother over food and toys...yes, I said FOOD!

Trying to be like her Kuya (aka older brother)

Her fave thing to play with:  magnets! 

Another trait of greatness is that she is persistent and determined: she is a master screamer-negotiator; translation = I scream until your ears blister and bleed so you give me what I want...usually it's a cell phone or the TV remote.  When that doesn't work she turns into a master-persuader; translation = I'll put my head down on the ground and cry sweetly until you feel sorry for me and dirty shame for yourself so you do what I want...usually pick me up while you're super busy and carry me even when your arms go numb and break off.

Standing all on her own now

They say the movers and shakers of the world are the ones to watch out for.  They have the ability to motivate, inspire, bring on change and get things done.  

Watch out world, here I come!

What else makes her one of the future greats?  She is a mover and a shaker: she wants to badly follow in her brother's footsteps because she sees all the fun things he is able to do so she wills herself to catch up to him.  One of her big accomplishments recently is that she can climb our stairs, well, crawl up them, like a pro now.  She would only get to the second or third step before then stop and wait for us to get her down.  Her BIG achievement, however, that she made just a few days ago is that she has taken her first walking steps (several this past weekend) and she is working on building her confidence to walk for longer amounts of time.  I see her fear when she tries but I also see how much she wants it to happen.  Yesterday, for instance, she made me let go of her hand  that was holding onto her while walking.  She said, "I got this, Mama, it's okay, let go!"

Wearing her Alice in Wonderland necklace...
 a symbol for  the amazing adventures she will have just like Alice

Holding onto Daddy...for now
Bye-bye baby days...

Her BIG First Birthday is such a humongous occasion because it marks a new year of her life and bye-bye baby days.  She is now an official toddler (still a baby to me) and I know she'll have many adventures this year.  I'm sure she'll keep me on my toes, especially since her crawling days are almost at an end.  Good thing I've been spending more time at the gym ...I'll be running after her and she'll probably be sprinting!

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase."  -Martin Luther King, Jr.
I made these bare foot sandals, by the way (and like ten more...another new hobby for me).
How could I not?  Look at those adorable feet!

                                       It's going to be a great year!

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