Thursday, August 30, 2012

Baby girl is 11 months old

They grow up so fast...
I made a tutu for her birthday and this pearl necklace but she broke the necklace...
just like she will break my heart one day because in a blink of any eye, she'll be grown.

Precious baby feet.
She gets so much attention for these feet so I thought they deserved cute little bows! 

How true that really is!  Last week on August 24th, my baby girl turned eleven months old.  This will be her last month officially as an infant...she will be a baby no more.  *Tears*  How sad.  I will still consider her a baby, however, for a very long time even after she turns the BIG ONE years old but yes, technically, she will be a toddler and I will have lost my precious baby to time once again.  I think it will be worse for me this time around with her because I know she is my last, no plans in the future for another baby.

During this passage of time, my baby has learned so much and she continues to amaze me every second on the skills she picks up.  She can now stand on her own with more confidence for a longer amount of time, meaning she will say good-bye to crawling and will be walking soon...and then running...away from her mommy!  So sad.  I love hearing the pitter-patter sound of her hands on the floor and knowing that she still needs me so much to help her get around.

She likes to clap her hands and shake her head ...but she can't do it at the same time, not yet, at least.  If she sees people clapping on TV, she'll clap, too.  When we were at a restaurant and people clapped after singing Happy Birthday, she clapped along with them.  She shakes her head side to side if you do it first or if you ask her to shake hers.

Also, aside from her two little bottom teeth completely in now, her top two front teeth are now almost completely in.  I'm sure after her first birthday, the rest of her teeth will follow.  She will definitely be needing them since she is starting to reject eating her baby food and prefers table food.  We have to either wait until she eats first or eat before her while she is asleep so she won't see the food we're eating.  She will turn her head away and even push the spoon away with her hands if she sees table food and we're trying to feed her baby food.  She's probably saying, "I have teeth now, give me the good stuff!"  So sad.

She is much more curious now and explores all over the house.  She knows the places she is not allowed to go (bathroom and kitchen) and will crawl as fast as she can to get there before we catch her.  When we do catch her she squeals and cries.  She likes the kitchen because she loves playing with all the magnets on the fridge.

Peek-a-boo!  She loves playing peek-a-boo and can even hide her own face.  She places her hand on the top of her eyes or the side of her face because she still wants to see.  Cutest thing ever! 

One of the greatest things she's learned, in my opinion, is how to kiss.  She presses her face as much as she can into mine and her mouth is open...sometimes, she licks.  So sweet!  I will definitely miss these sweet baby kisses.  So sad.

She can't believe she's 11 months either...
or she just wants to eat that fake cupcake.

I can't believe a whole year has almost passed since our baby has entered our lives.  So much has changed but one thing is sure to stay constant...that we will adore her more every day as she grows and continues to melt our hearts.

By the way, we painted this chalk board wall in Brody's room...
best idea ever.

One day...very soon...Daddy won't have to help her stand on her own two feet.

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