Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Buttpaste Blunder

My baby strawberry ready for the sun

But she hates wearing her sunglasses

Brody is ready for Aquatica

Summer is about relaxing, getting away on vacation, enjoying the outdoors and just basking in the sun.  Maybe... or maybe not.  As a parent of two small children, going out of town on vacation is sometimes more stressful than staying home but we do it anyway for the kids... and a bit for ourselves.  

We went to Orlando last weekend to visit Sea World and Aquatica.  Yes, it was HOT and HUMID!  I make my kids wear sunscreen just to walk outside to get inside the car so you can imagine what I made them do while walking around a theme park in the heat!  I made sure the hubby and kids slathered on loads of sunscreen and refused to let them out of the hotel room until everyone was covered head to toe.

It was Ryan's turn to apply Lyla's sunscreen.  He did the typical "man" thing and asked me to get it for him instead of getting it for himself.  Well, I did the typical "woman" thing when looking for something in a bag - I just reached in and  "felt" for it without actually looking.  Is that a typical woman thing or is that just me?   

Anyways, I grabbed what I thought to be a tube of sunscreen and threw it at him.  He didn't look at the tube, either and just opened it up and started applying it to the baby.  A few seconds later, he said, "It's going on so pasty and thick."  I heard what he said but didn't bother responding or looking to see what he was talking about.  

He made another comment about it and explained in a disgusted way, "It's not spreading right."  Again, I didn't check to see if there was a problem.

He continued applying the "supposed-to-be" sunscreen and continued saying things like, "It's so sticky and this doesn't feel like sunscreen lotion."  I still did not check out the situation. I was busy getting everything ready for the day.  

Then, finally, he looked at the tube in his hand and whatdya know??  It's definitely NOT sunscreen for a baby...or for anybody because it's... BUTTPASTE cream for a baby...to go on her BUTT!!!  OOOooopsie...

I said, "Ohhhhh, whoops, that's right, both those tubes look a like and they're the same size."  That's all I had to say when I finally replied to him and realized I threw him the wrong tube.  Well, that definitely explained why it felt so pasty and gross!  

Ryan, at this point, just wanted the diaper cream off of his hands and I couldn't help but laugh at the fact that he had tons of diaper cream all over his hands!  (We usually apply the cream with just the point of our fingers or by using q-tips because it's so thick).  I don't remember if I actually laughed aloud or just to myself.  I guess I just thought the idea of Ryan's hands completely covered in baby buttpaste cream was funny because he won't be getting any rashes on those hands for awhile!  The baby, well, I guess, she won't have a diaper rash anywhere on her body for awhile, too!  

We eventually found the real sunscreen and applied it to Lyla, who at this point, is protected from the harmful rays of the Florida sun and the harmful rashes of a diaper...if that diaper were to be placed anywhere on her body except her actual bottom because we don't usually apply "sunscreen" on her bottom. 

There were bound to be more mishaps lined up in our fate that day.  I mean, we were out of town going to a busy theme park with two young children outside while it was hot and nasty outside.  The diaper cream-turned sunscreen incident was just our first mishap of the day...and that was still in the hotel room! 

We still had some fun, though, and the pictures below are supposed to be the proof of all the fun we had.  (That's what the real reason is behind parents taking pictures of their kids, so we can say things like this:   "Of course Daddy never put Buttpaste cream all over your body" and "Yes, you had a great childhood...look, you saw a dolphin at Sea World!")  

Shamu Rocks Show...our first night there

No, I didn't get any pictures of the buttpaste blunder but I wish I had.  I'm pretty sure, though, that Ryan wouldn't have let me take any pics...he would have probably threw the buttpaste/sunscreen stuff right at the camera!

Shamu posing

Such talented dolphins...they're called whales but they're really dolphins .
The only actual whale in all of Sea World is the Beluga Whale

Fireworks show at Sea World

Dolphin Cove

Cool ceiling where you can check out more sea creatures at Journey of Atlantis Aquarium 

...and the Aquarium floor

Scary looking thing...not sure what that is 

Where do you like to go on vacation during the summer?  Any mishaps with baby diaper cream?

Until next time,