Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Written by, Bernadyn Nettles


An Update in the Life of Lyla B.


Setting Boundaries


 Dearest Lyla B.,

It is time to set some boundaries:  No more crawling after dark, no milk before bed and no play time after your bath.  Most importantly, you must be in the crib by 8 PM!

Ha!  We all know that's not going to happen... you do what you want, when you want! 

You are definitely moving around now, crawling wherever you can and as far as we will let you go.  I get nervous turning my back on you for even a second, no scratch that, a millisecond!  You also stand supported with more confidence now and there's talk (from Daddy) that you have stood on your own unsupported a couple times.

Crawling, exploring, discovering...the world is her playground 

The Baby Playpen Cage

We just moved to a new place so it's definitely time to baby-proof everything!  It's definitely time for a play pen/play yard or what your brother, Brody, likes to call "your cage."  We need to cage you in, girl!  That's for your own safety, of course...maybe a bit for my sanity, too!


Older Brother's Restrictions and Boundaries

You like to do some "cruising" (holding onto things while walking), whenever you can and whenever your big brother will let you.  He likes to rat you out when you're crawling and cruising into corners or wherever he thinks you shouldn't be going...which can be everywhere according to him.  He has more restrictions and boundaries set for you than I do! 

You get into everything now, including your brother's things like his DVDs and toys so that's driving him crazy.  You're giving the poor kid anxiety at such a young age...he's going to be ripping his hair out soon.  Brody tells me, "Mommy, don't let Lyla touch this" and "I don't love her touching that."

Brody, the "crawling police" 
He says, "Oh God, Mommy, look at, Lyla!"

He pulls her away from places and she does not like it.  She's already a feisty girl and puts up a fight with her brother.

Screeching baby...her brother took away her fun

He keeps putting this big hat on her so she can't see while he hides his toys

...and she's stuck in there for awhile...
She says, "Hey, who turned out the lights?"

"Yay!  I got out!"

*Blowing raspberries* 
She finds her way out from under the hat..."I win, Brody!"

"I don't love when my sister does that." 
He says this line about three times a day
*Blowing more raspberries* 
"I do what I want!"

Food! Food! Food!

Oh, the fun you two have and the craziness you two cause me!  Let's see, what else have you been up to lately...oh yeah, you're obsession with food has begun. When it comes to you and food, you are not playing! It's all serious, no joke, just food in your mouth right away or else the high-pitched squeals and "baby swearing" unleashes. You can eat four or five meals a day plus snacks in between PLUS you still breastfeed four to five times a day which I'm very happy about. Yay! That's a big accomplishment for us both so *pat on shoulder to myself*

You've tried a variety of table food and just want it all. You even accidentally had spicy food last week and you had such a freak out ...ooops! Twice actually...on back to back days so double freak out...and double ooops!! 


Separation Anxiety  

Separation anxiety has really kicked in now, too. I know, I know, Mommy's the best and you can't be away from me ;)   It's okay with me, though, I have separation anxiety being away from you, too!

I'm so proud of you but can I just tell you?... Stop growing, stop trying to be a big girl! I am already missing these baby days...

You're my little princess and will always be my best girl friend!  Mommy loves you much! 


Mommy Dearest

"A daughter is just a little girl who grows up to be your best friend." 

I can't remember who said that but isn't that a sweet thing to say...and to wish for?  

What kind of boundaries do you set for your little one?

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