Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bloody Mary is Bloody Murder To My Taste Buds

Marriage + Dating = what is that??? 

I strongly believe in an active dating life while you're married...with your spouse!  It's healthy and NEEDS to exist in every marriage as much as possible ...even if you're not married but are in a relationship, you need to have actual real dates, too.  I know it's tough and can take a lot of effort but going on dates is a necessity.  It doesn't happen as much as I'd like it to and need it to especially when you're trying to balance kids, work, school, family obligations, other events, social life, etc.  Many couples can stay in and have dates at home but I have to get out of the house!  I'm fine with wanting to stay in to relax but not for an actual date.  Also, hanging out when the kids are asleep doesn't even exist for us anymore because we are dead tired and just want to sleep, too.

Fortunately, this past Sunday night my hubby and I had a date night.  Yes, he asked me to go out with him! *Teenage girl inside me squeals*  It's harder for us to go off alone now that we have two munchkins.  It's even harder for me to leave with or without Ryan because my nine month old is still breastfeeding and so I can only be gone for a short amount of time.  Plus, separation anxiety is kicking in ...for both of us!

Thankfully, the grandparents were able to come over and watch the kids while we went out.  Our date night consisted of getting some shopping done, eating dinner and walking on the beach.  Yes, we decided it was best to get some shopping and errands out of the way while we went out on our date.  Sounds like a bummer?  Yes, it was but it was a lot quicker, easier and smoother without the kids there, particularly our four year old son.  He throws random things in the cart, asks to buy everything he sees, has to use the bathroom several times, asks for drinks and food, etc.  It's like a field trip when we go to the store with them...a long exhausting trip...

Anyways, we ventured to the beaches area and since we always try to eat somewhere new we decided to have dinner at Salt Life Food Shack.  Luckily, we were able to get a table right away at their first come first serve dining area.

We ordered the Shrimp and Chorizo Nachos for appetizers and our waiter was NOT exaggerating when he said it consisted of a mountain pile of nachos. It was definitely worth the $9.99...tasty and enough to share with lots of people. Ryan and I alone barely put a dent in it. We took it home, though, where I proceeded to eat it All.  By.  Myself!

Shrimp and Chorizo Nachos
I ordered the Soft Shell Crab BLT
and hubby had the Boca Style Fish sandwich ...sorry, I forgot to take a pic of that!

We split our meal like we usually do so we can share and try both.  Both sandwiches were tasty and filling.  They also had PBRs for $2 and Bloody Marys for $4 that day so Ryan had the beer and I gave the Bloody Mary a try since I never had it.   The Bloody Mary was a Bloody Heck...NO!  It was definitely not for me.  I am probably never having a Bloody Mary ever again.  I just couldn't take the thick tomato juice and crushed red pepper and pickle taste.  Mainly, it was the dominant tomato juice taste.  Ryan said I was probably supposed to munch on the pickle while drinking it.  Oh well, I didn't even finish it...I know...lame...  I should have just had a beer, too, but at least now I know what I don't like.

After dinner we took a quick stroll on the beach.  We used to do this a lot when we were still dating and haven't been to the beach alone in a very long time, maybe not since our honeymoon?  There was an event there Sunday night and a band was playing but we tried to stay away from the crowds which is nearly impossible during the summer.  Lots of people were still swimming and playing on the beach:  adult, kids and some dogs.  I actually meant to bring my swim suit, too, but of course, I forgot.

Ryan was sweet and wrote our names into the sand, like he has done many times before...

It was already dark outside 

We didn't stay long at the beach and made one more stop to another store to buy a few more things and then headed home.  Overall, it was a nice night out together, we enjoyed it and no one passed something on to someone else like that one time...haha, that's a story for another day.  

My lesson learned: Stay away from anything with the word "bloody" in it ...or on it...eww.  

We hope to stick to our one date night/day once a week because we definitely need to make it a priority in our schedule.  Children are a priority in our lives now and will probably be like that for several, several years...oh, boy!  However, we know that we need time to reconnect and get away, too, even if it's for a short amount of time...and get some errands done while we're at it.  Hopefully, in the near future, we can go on an actual vacation or second honeymoon. 

*Hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge*~~~~~~>>> Dear Hubby!!!

If you don't have a sitter and/or your kids are okay with group activities with other children then there's places in town that do offer Parents Night Out where they hold events for your kids for a few hours on certain days of the month at different locations.  The age, prices and activity description will all be found on the link. Click on "Events" from the homepage and then choose the sublink "every Friday" or "every Saturday" and it should show the schedule.

We constantly go on dates with our kids and enjoy family activities. Check it out here!

Looking for family-friendly ideas that are inexpensive? Check out this link for local cost-friendly things to do around town.  Some of these are great date places, too!

Take care,