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Beat the Heat with These Sweet Treats

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles


Keep Cool with Summer Treats

"Baby, it's cold outside..."  NOT!  It's hot, hot, hot!  Summer is here and it's going to get hotter.  Aside from staying indoors with air conditioning or outside cooling off in the water, a tasty way my family's been cooling off this summer is by enjoying desserts like ice cream, popsicles, froyo (frozen yogurt), Italian ice, etc.  Yes, my sweet tooth is winning!  

A popular dessert on the rise is froyo.  One of my family's fave places to get froyo is at Yogurt Co. on Southside Blvd.  They're open late hours and have a wide range of flavors that constantly change and offer several toppings.  Like other froyo shops, they offer reward points so you can rack them up for FREE yogurt.  Plus, it's only 25 cents per ounce on Tuesdays.  

I recently tried another frozen yogurt place at the St. John's Town Center called Sweet! By Holly where they not only serve yogurt but are known for their cupcakes.  They even have vegan cupcakes.  Miss Holly is a two-time winner of Food Network's Cupcake Wars.  I didn't realize this when I was there so I didn't try a cupcake but I'll be sure to have one next visit. 

"We all scream for ice cream..."  Did you know it was National Ice Cream Day this past Sunday and that July is National Ice Cream Month?  Ice cream is always a fun treat for kids and adults so if you actually have time to go out to enjoy some instead of running with your change to the ice cream truck, then there's some cool places around town to get a cold scoop. 

For instance, we recently tried this unique ice cream shop on Baymeadows Rd. after it was recommended to us by a friend.  It's called Three FX and it's a great place to go if you're looking for something new to try.  They have Taiyaki Asian style waffles, a dessert from Japan, that's basically a fish-shaped hot cake waffle that has a filling.  I ordered one with the filling Bavarian cream and Ryan, my hubby, ordered his with cream cheese filling.  Both were very good.  They had some other fillings, as well.  Each waffle is less than $2 and Brody loved the fish shape so I know other kids will enjoy eating it, too.

If you do order ice cream, a free topping is included.  I ordered the mango flavored ice cream as recommended by the nice lady taking my order since she said it was a popular choice.  I chose to put peaches on my mango and it was all chopped up and mixed in the ice cream in front of me.  I wish I chose a different topping, however, because the peach taste overwhelmed the mango flavor but it was still tasty.  I sampled Brody's kiwi with sprinkles and really liked how the kiwi tasted.  Ryan had coffee flavored ice cream with white chocolate chips and it was great, especially if you're like me and like coffee flavored ice cream.  They also serve coffee and tea drinks, too.  
Another ice cream shop I've been wanting to try and haven't yet is Dreamette.  I thought there was only one in Riverside on Post but just found out there's one in Mandarin, Callahan and Macclenny, FL.  I actually have a Groupon (worth $10 but bought the deal for only $2.50!) for this place so I am definitely going to use it soon.  

Kilwin's at the St. John's Town Center has Waffle Cone Wednesdays - Buy one waffle cone and get another one FREE.  I love walking by here...the smell of this shop calls you in with its scrumptious chocolate aroma...This place is good any day of the week.

Ube ice cream - purple yam, is a popular flavor for the topping
Pic from mytummyisfull.com

Finally, a dessert I love and need to make for the kids this summer is Halo-halo, a cold Filipino treat that's tasty and refreshing for these warm summer days.  The word "halo" means to mix and that's the concept of this dessert.  It consists of shaved ice, evaporated milk and various fruits and boiled sweet beans.  Ice cream is added to the top as the topping and then you mix everything together.  It's typically served in a tall glass or large bowl.  It may sound confusing if you've never heard of it or tried it but it's yummy and perfect for cooling you down.
This is such a colorful dessert
Pic from calvintimo.tumblr.com

I know the music from the ice cream truck gets the kids running outside but try to stop by one of these places while you're out or make your own cold treat...with or without the kiddos! 

What is your favorite summer treat?


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