Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Beat the heat with more fun summer ideas

Jax Zoo
Penguins stood by the waterfall the whole time to cool off...
They said, "It's Florida, we know what's up...the HEAT!!!  
Jax Zoo: Kids were cooling off, too, at this fountain... so Lyla took a swim in the fountain!   Lucky girl!
It's still summer vacation for Brody so I want to take advantage of the time we have to check out kid-friendly events and activities.  I shared some tips before about places and things to do locally during the summer while spending little money in a past post. 
Here are some updates about upcoming events or more things that I personally want to do with my kids and family...

I shared in my previous post about the Cecil Field Aquatics Center and the indoor pool, however, if you are closer to the Southside area, the UNF Aquatics Center is more convenient if you're looking for an indoor pool.  It's also open to the public, the daily rate is $5 for adults, $4 for kids (3 and under are free).  You DO need to pay the parking permit for the day when you enter campus grounds, $3.  They also rent out their facilities if you're looking for a different place to host a birthday party.  

Another place I'd like to take Brody for some water fun is Adventure Landing's Shipwreck Island Waterpark.  He has yet to go and they offer plenty of discounted admission.  On Thursday nights it's unlimited access to the water park from 5-8 PM for $10.99 per person.  Starting August 20-31, Monday-Friday from 11-3 PM, it's $10.99 per person to Pirate's Play Village and the Lil' St. John's River.  I believe the water park is free for three and under.    

Little Talbot Island State Park:  The kids haven't been yet and it's been several years since I've visited.  I think the natural look of this place is perfect for relaxing and picture-taking, another love and hobby of mine.  We're planning on going very soon so I'll update with pics.  There's also an upcoming event this month I want to take Brody to since he is currently fascinated by these creatures: Shark Teeth  It's on Saturday, July 28th, 2 PM and free with regular park admission.

We all know it's getting hot, hot and hotter...we live in Florida so no surprise there.  Fortunately, the Jax Zoo and Gardens knows it's hot, too, so they're giving us a financial break by offering half-off discount admission when it's 92 degrees or higher.  You can find more info on the website and you DO need to print the coupon to get in with the discount.  Click here for all the details.

We went to the Jax Zoo last month on June 11th when they had $2 admissions for everyone just for that day.  Yes, TWO BUCKS!!!  We were able to enjoy Stingray Bay and Butterfly Hollow, too, all for $18 for all three of us (Baby Lyla was free, of course).  Brody wasn't tall enough yet to ride the Happy Feet 4D ride.  Keep checking their site for awesome deals!

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

Gorilla Statue...the one on the far right, not the middle...
hahaha, just kidding, Ryan

Pretty pond at the Zoo

Butterfly Hollow

There were a few of these little houses in Butterfly Hollow...
reminded me of Tinker Bell  houses from the movies

No, these aren't real butterflies

You have to look closely to see the butterflies

There were butterflies everywhere but hard to get a good shot of a lot of them in the pic

Lotus Garden ...so pretty here 

Brody hanging out at the Lotus Garden

We're looking forward to more summer fun...Hope you all are having a great summer, too!


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