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Parenting Lessons When Your Child Is Not Potty-Trained {Baby Had a Boo Boo}

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles


 Parenting Lessons When Your Child Is Not Yet Potty-Trained

We have our messy moments as parents...and so do our children especially when they are not yet potty-trained.  Wait, I take that back, even when they are potty-trained, they still have messy moments.  While they are in the process of potty-training, they really really  have messy moments!  When Brody was potty training at two years old, he would occasionally have accidents in the tub while bathing.  No, not the number one accidents but number two.  He would freak out when he saw his own waste floating around and would jump out of the tub instantly.  It was funny to watch his reaction and I would tell him, "See, that's why you need to learn to use the potty."  I believe it encouraged him to learn how to potty-train faster.  Now, we are experiencing that fun with our daughter who will be potty-training soon which means, she's having messy accidents here and there...

Bath Time and Toxic Waters

Two nights ago, he had the same moment of panic while bathing in the tub...only this time, it wasn't his own floaters  swimming around in the water but his baby sister's.  She, of course, is too young to understand why this was a state of emergency and wasn't disgusted by it like Brody was.  She didn't get the "Code Red" memo to have a panic attack.  Hence, she just went on her merry way playing and splashing in the ..."toxic waters."    There were three small hard balls splashing around -I apologize for that imagery and don't worry, I will not put up any pictures of it!

It was like watching a flash back when Brody saw her poop just hanging out there. I couldn't help myself when I discovered what she had done and I said, "Oh no, Lyla pooped in the tub!"  I immediately saw the terrified panicked look in Brody's eyes when he, too, discovered it...right next to him!  He screamed, jumped out of the tub and checked his body for any damages from the toxic waste.  It was hilarious.

I proceeded to let all the water drain out, finished bathing Lyla, persuaded Brody to get back in so I can re-bathe him and then took them both out and dried them off.  

Parenting Can Get Messy

Then, last night, while I was organizing Brody's room, Brody informed me that Lyla pooped. I failed to realize that he meant there was a poop ball on the carpet.  It must have slipped out of her diaper, I guess, while she was crawling.  I went to the bathroom to get some toilet paper to pick it up.  When I got back, the ball was gone.  My first thought, uh-oh.  Then, I saw it in my baby's hand...going up to her mouth.  My second thought, Oh sh*t!!!  In this case, that applies in the literal sense of the word.  She put her hand back down.  I don't know if she actually got a taste of it.  I smacked it out of her hand, threw it in the toilet, threw Lyla in the tub and doused her with bleach and alcohol...not really but you get what I'm saying.  

 Oh, the fun we have in this house with her.  Thanks, Lyla!

Parenting Tips for When Your Child is Not Yet Potty-Trained:

  • Don't let the kids bathe together when one of them is not yet potty-trained (that warm bath water relaxes the stomach ...and everything in it!)
  • Triple check the diaper is fit and secure to avoid releasing any toxic waste outside of the diaper.
  • Have cleaning products and gloves ready to use for fast and efficient disposable of waste.
  • Remember to throw waste into the toilet and flush (that toxic waste doesn't belong in our landfills).
  • We found that using cloth diapers (which is what our daughter wears and so sometimes, it does feel a little looser than disposable diapers), helps with moving potty-training along faster.

What kinds of messy moments have you had with your little ones?

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