Thursday, June 21, 2012

Babbling and Crawling

"Buh, buh, buh, ba, ba, ba, ma-ma-, da-da..." 

Dearest Baby girl:

Ba-ba-babbling.  Baby Babble.  A language all your own.  That's what you have been doing a lot of lately and I love it!  I wish I knew exactly what you were really trying to say when you babble because you seem to have a lot to say.  Sometimes, it seems important because you go on and on and can get quite loud with some squealing and screeches in between!  (We have to sit in the cry room at church all the time now so you won't interrupt the service).   

Over the past week you've also made excellent progress in another major milestone... crawling!  You are not super fast, yet but in time you will have us all chasing after you.  We're going to start putting you in a play pen or as your brother calls it... your cage.  Yes, we need to cage you in for your safety... and maybe for my sanity.  We just moved into a new place so we definitely need to baby-proof everything, especially by putting gates on the stairs.  You haven't discovered that yet but oh the fun you'll have when you do!  There's going to be a lot of excitement (and anxiety) in this house soon!   

Crawling around at her Lola's (aka Grandma's) house

Standing in her crib...yes, it's time to lower that mattress

It is exciting to watch you accomplish these baby stages but sometimes I secretly hope you would wait a little longer to reach them.   That's selfish, I know, but trust me when I tell you that I'm not the first parent (nor will I be the last), to have these thoughts. 

Your first smile melted my heart and when I first heard you giggle and laugh it was the most beautiful sound ever...just like the first time I heard your brother's laugh...nothing but amazing! 

Speaking of your brother, I remember having a different perspective on his milestones.  I couldn't wait until he took his first steps and spoke his first words.  Those both backfired on me, however, since walking meant chasing him constantly and talking included back-talking and never-ending questions.  (Which you are all too familiar with hearing him do now).  I was anxious to see him reach his milestones because everything was new to me so I was ready to experience it all with him in a hurry.   

I knew, too, I would eventually have another child.  I knew I wanted a sibling for him and another baby to raise.  Now that you're here and I believe that you're my last baby, I don't want it to end and I want to be able to call you a baby still, not a toddler, who will grow up all too fast to be a teenager...and let me tell you, I'm dreading those teen years for both you and your brother!

Everyone says enjoy these baby days while they last because they don't last long.  That's exactly what I plan to in the moment with you while you're a sweet, innocent, helpless baby.  I don't mind you being helpless because that means you need me every moment of your life right now and it means you love me with all your heart because to you I am your Mommy, your hero, your LIFE. 

I've learned now through raising your brother and you that babies, however, are not really as fragile as as they seem.  They're not as helpless as we make them out to be.  You, for example, amaze and surprise me every day with all the skills you learn at such a quick pace and your will and determination power you through to reach your milestones, rather it be eating table food...which you love!...crawling or speaking..."buh-buh, ma-ma, da-da" which I love! 

Looking at you, however, through my tired, weary but all-knowing eyes, maybe it is I who really needs you to stay helpless...because in actuality YOU are my superstar, my baby, MY life.    

Love you with all my heart,

Mommy Dearest