Monday, June 25, 2012

Beautiful Father's Day in St. Augustine, FL

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles

Celebrating Dad in St. Augustine 

Last Sunday for Father's Day we spent the day in St. Augustine and had a nice, relaxing day. I absolutely love this city.  My fondness for this city started when I was a child...we visited this place countless times because we had an aunt who lived there.  I loved her house, her pool, the beach, shopping and walking around.  All in all, I just fell in love with the atmosphere especially the old and unique feel of the city.  I don't remember having one bad memory of the place.  

Then, this place became even more special to me when I started dating my husband and we visited this city together several times.  It was so special to us that we decided to spend a few days of our honeymoon there at a bed and breakfast.  During our stay we enjoyed all that the city had to offer, specifically tasting the food at a variety of eateries...boy, did we eat!  Now that we have our own family we started a tradition of taking the kids there every Christmas Eve and whenever we can get away.    

We took this picture during our honeymoon at Old Tyme Photo

This city is definitely a town you need to walk through to really appreciate it.  You need to experience it up close and personal on foot to soak up everything that the beautiful city has to offer.  Riding on the horse and carriage is nice, too and pretty romantic if that is something you enjoy.  Maybe ride it at least once which we did on our honeymoon since it was included with our bed and breakfast.  We rode it at night when it was cold so we were cuddled up in a warm blanket.    

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Our main reason, however, for visiting the "oldest city in the nation" that day was to recapture a picture that we took of our son while he was a baby under a tree at Fort Matanzas National Monument Park.  We thought it would be a perfect opportunity for our daughter to attempt to replicate this photo of him: 


We kept trying to get her to smile exactly the same way as he did because she does smile like that at times but of course, she chose one of her other smiles. Oh well, close enough...she still resembles her brother pretty well!
Hubby dressed her in Brody's baby Jordan outfit that day

Brody jumping around in front of the fort.  I love this park, it has such a beautiful view!

Sweet kisses for his Daddy

Brody is giving her a flower

Enjoying his Father's Day

I used to roll around this hill as a kid, too.


Overall, it was a really nice, fun and relaxing Father's Day.  We explored new places, tried new things...what's the point of life if you don't, right? We took more family photos to add to our ever-growing massive collection and we escaped out of our own town for awhile, which is always a breath of fresh air from reality.  

Can't wait until our next trip to good ol' St. Auggie!


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