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Unexpected Pregnancies: Baby Bump #2

Written by, Bernadyn Nettles


When You're Not Expecting


We all know that in life there are planned events and then there are unexpected surprises.  Sometimes, we plan things ...for months on end, then stop planning, let nature take its course and... BAM!  Life does what it does - hits you like a shot of gamma rays, causing you to have anger management issues.  What the heck?!  That wasn't the plan at all!

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My point is this... After months of hard work, my hubby and I took a break from our "project" only for him to get into a freak accident.  Therefore, in the winter of 2011 he joined the Avengers. 


Hahaha, we all know that's a lie - there are no winters here in Florida.  Honestly, though, during the short winter season I discovered I was... carrying another child.

Baby Bump #2


Bum, bum, bummer!  I was going to be rocking the pregnancy bump once again that year.  Yes, we had been trying for another child the year before then decided it wasn't the right time but like the saying goes, "Life is what happens when you're busy making plans."  

It was unexpected and honestly, I wasn't too thrilled about it.  I see it as a blessing now but at the time I was at a place in my life where I wanted to start focusing on myself again.  I actually started this blog last year as one of my New Years resolutions.  I planned on focusing on the writing course I was taking and this was going to be an extension of my writing and an outlet for everything else.  I planned on focusing on my health, too.  I had a schedule for my writing assignments and fitness goals while still spending time with my son who was home with me.  Our schedule was set and it was working for us that entire month of January right after New Years Day. 

Surprise, It's Positive!

Then, in early February I took the The Test and it was positive.  I think it was actually the same week I started my blog.  Ironic, huh?  Well, the irony continued when I went to my first OB-GYN appointment and they said, "Hey, it looks like your conception date was January 1st!"  New Years Day, the day I "planned" on making that year MY Year, not baby year.   

So, I was preggers for nine and a half months of 2011.  I threw my New Years schedule out the window because shortly after I found out the news, I had horrible morning sickness (not just in the morning), I was fatigued and depressed.  I still had Brody to take care of so that added to a hard year. 

I was relieved when our daughter Lyla Brielle finally arrived...two weeks early, of course.  She was supposed to be due in October around my birthday but SURPRISE - she arrived on her own time.  I didn't even realize I was in labor the whole day.  When I got to the hospital, I filled out paperwork, had my blood taken, etc.  Finally, they gave me pain meds, the epidural.  It was too late, however.  The drugs failed to kick in before Lyla made her way out.   Yes, I felt it ALL even though I had "planned" on NOT having a natural birth.

Plans Change

My real point is this...life teaches you, over and over, that plans are not bullet-proof...there are bumps along the way. 

Now that I have two kids who keep me on my toes, I definitely learned that plans can change at the last moment.  Accidents, sickness and tantrums happen any time which means I end up late or miss some appointments, events and even vacations all together.  

Not An Accident But a Late Blessing 


I never considered my little girl as an accident, however, just more like an early or late blessing, depending on how you look at it.  Like my mom claims, there are no accidents in marriage!  After all, we had originally planned for her in 2010 but then took a break to wait a different year.  I guess 2010 was too early for her.  Our angel wasn't ready for us yet.  

Now, here she is, ready to wow the world.  Like us, it may not be ready for her...but we know it will fall in love with her just like we have. 

"Lyla smash!"

Let's see what other bumps...I mean, plans, she has in store for us.  I would love to see her be successful, to somehow make the world a better place while working in a safe, non-threatening environment but who knows?  Like her father, maybe she will save the world in a more direct, dangerous way.  Maybe one day she, too, will hear the call, "Avengers, assemble!" 

Did you get pregnant after you were done trying to conceive?  I'd love to hear about it, share any funny or ironic outcomes with it in the comments below :)

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