Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Brody & Brielle's Zoo Trip (Wordless Wednesday)

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

Written by Bernadyn Nettles

Last weekend as part of my son's birthday celebration, we visited the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens.  Luckily, the zoo was also celebrating Earth Day.  They had more activities throughout the zoo to honor the day, including various booths to learn about different projects and ways to protect the environment, bounce houses, free pots of plants, coloring activities and science demonstrations.  It was a fun (and exhausting) day ...we spent most of the day there and it felt like a theme park experience!  

Land of the Tigers

We (especially me, since tigers are my favorite animal)...were thoroughly ecstatic about finally seeing the Land of the Tigers which opened in March this year.  Beautiful creatures but sadly they are endangered.  


Jacksonville Zoo Celebrates Earth Day


Butterfly Hollow at Jacksonville Zoo

The zoo is a fun local attraction for the kids and family to enjoy without spending as much as you would at a theme park.  The Jacksonville Zoo is only growing and gaining more attractions so we are excited.  Next month will be their 100th anniversary celebration!

What fun places have you visited lately?

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